5 Reasons To Make The Switch To A Business VOIP Phone System

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5 Reasons To Make The Switch To A Business VOIP Phone System

23 September 2020
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Have traditional phone lines at your business, and are thinking of making the switch to a VOIP system? Here are a few reasons why it can be worth making the switch.

The Phones Use Existing Ethernet Lines

One of the nice things about VOIP is how easy it is to install at a business that has been wired with ethernet cabling. Each phone needs to plug into an ethernet line for it to work, so there is no need to run new traditional phone lines when you want to put a phone in a new place. This makes switching over to VOIP a breeze.

The Phone Extensions Follow The Phones Wherever They Are

A business VOIP telephone system has the distinct advantage of working no matter where it receives an Internet connection. Have workers that are temporarily working from home? They can have a phone at their home office that functions just as if it is at the office, with the ability to call other staff members and receive incoming calls. If an employee changes to a new workstation, there is no need to change the cable patchwork to move their line. All they do is take the phone with them and plug it in.

The Phones Can Ring In Multiple Places

Have employees that are not always at their desk? It is possible to have extensions ring at multiple places to ensure that a customer can reach them. For example, they can have their extension ring to their cell phone and their office phone, and the staff member can answer it wherever it is most convenient for them. This can also work great for remote workers where you may need to forward calls to a cell phone because nobody is in the office. 

The Phone Service Will Be More Affordable

Using VOIP will likely save you a bit of money on your telephone bill. There is typically upfront costs for the new VOIP phones, but after that, the service can be much cheaper overall. There is no worrying about long distance calling charges, and you will pay less in taxes compared to a traditional phone line. 

The Phone Service Is Easy To Expand

Have a new employee start working for you and need a phone? It is easy to expand the existing phone system by adding an additional line. Everything is digital, so there will be no need to bring in a new outside line to get the new workstation in order.